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  1.  Suzhou Dongli Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, belongs to the group company in Zhengyang in 2003, a total investment of 10 million dollars. The plant is relocated from the renting house of the piers to the self built workshop of the holiday resort. The area of the factory has been increased by 5 times. And reached full production at the end of 2007. By 2012 Dongli electronic factory relocation to Xu Jiang Industrial Park resort. Construction area of the company: 6000 square meters, the total number: about 80 people, technicians / Engineers: 45, product insurance personnel: 6. The company mainly provides the development design and marketing service of the loudspeaker, such as notebook computer, tablet computer, TV, SUB, mobile phone and so on.
    At present, with the main customers of Dongli electronic direct trading:
    TV: AOC, Wistron, Ruixuan, LETV, Haier, Changhong, BOE, kangguan, Yichang etc.;
    Computer: HP, DELL, Lenovo, ASUS, HUAWEI, Foxconn, quanta, Wistron, Inventec, kangshuo, contract etc.;
    Sound box class: Haman, Han sang and so on;
    Quick response ability is essential in modern times, quickly meet customer demand is the purpose of all Dongli; welcome new and old customers to patronize.